Sensitive Teeth

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Here are some tips on tooth sensitivity.

Teeth are protected from sensitivity by enamel and gum tissue. Teeth that lose this protection can become sensitive when exposed to certain triggers. The primary symptom is a sharp pain shooting through the nerves of a tooth. This is usually caused by eating or drinking something that triggers the pain. This may be sweet, sour, hot, or cold foods and beverages. Even something as simple as breathing in cold air can cause pain.

There are several things that can cause tooth sensitivity. Tooth decay, receding gums, teeth damaged by cracks or grinding, certain foods high in acid, and heavy plaque can all contribute to painfully sensitive teeth. The dentist will help determine the cause and prescribe treatment methods to reduce sensitivity.

Knowing the reasons and taking steps early on may be able to prevent expensive and painful treatments later. Please contact Riverside Dental Office at the top of this page to schedule an appointment.

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