How Can You Treat A Chipped Or A Broken Tooth?

Broken Teeth Information from Riverside Dental Center

A chipped or broken tooth happens more often than you would assume. If your tooth is chipped or broken and there is no bleeding involved, it is a good idea to see the dentist as soon as possible. In case of a minor damage, a dentist might be able to salvage your tooth by reshaping and filing. However, if you are feeling pain when chewing or drinking anything hot or cold, the dentist will use other alternative solutions to restore your tooth. With a broken or chipped tooth, prompt attention and treatment can yield better results. Delaying the situation might lead to further complications.

Contact us today, and set up an appointment if you are noticing cracks in your teeth or have broken your tooth. In cases that do not involve bleeding and are not life threatening, your dentist will be able to help minimize discomfort, and find the best solution to get your teeth back to their original condition.

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